Practice Areas

Areas of Practice

David’s practice focuses on the criminal defense of persons or entities charged with criminal offenses or under investigation for possible criminal violations.

A local law firm devoted to integrity and advocacy on behalf of each client, David works to ensure the highest level of legal representation for persons accused of crimes. His principled approach is the basis for maintaining the highest in ethical standards while maximizing the opportunity for successful resolutions of legal matters.

David has represented clients in federal courts for offenses including armed robbery, serious assaults, drug trafficking, arson, mortgage fraud, firearm violations, and other offenses. David has also represented persons in state courts for many of these same offenses as well as other more common state offense such as embezzlement, obtaining property by false pretenses, failure to file or pay taxes, domestic violence assaults, and numerous other criminal offenses. David also represents persons charged with driving while impaired and less serious traffic offenses.

David has represented clients under investigation by a grand jury or other governmental agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). David advocates in these matters with the goal to resolve them before they reach the level of criminal charges being brought.